Your Devon and Cornwall Wedding - March/April 2023 (Issue 42)

HOT TOPIC Our experts offer big-day advice SWEET TOOTH We would like to surprise our guests with something different to a traditional wedding cake, what do you suggest? Meet the experts: Bronwen Dabner and Alex Grover are the cofounders of STACC based in Ilfracombe, North Devon creating high-end cakes, patisserie and coffee made using fresh local ingredients. At STACC, we make a wide range of cakes and bakes that we can offer couples for their day. We recently made a dessert table with mini tarts, choux buns and other sweet goods in place of a traditional cake which went down amazingly well. Some of our most popular products are the lemon and raspberry tarts with pipped meringue on top and our chocolate extravaganza made from chocolate roulade, baileys ganache, hazelnut dacquoise and caramel crémeux, dipped in a milk choc shell with hazelnuts with cocoa nibs. We can also provide doughnuts, macarons and desserts and are willing to try out new ideas. 01271 267 780,; 56 LOVE BIRDS What are the benefits of booking a celebrant? Meet the expert: Fiona Solomon is an experienced celebrant delivering all types of ceremonies in Cornwall. It’s amazing how many times I am asked the question ‘what does a celebrant do’ and it makes me realise that we need to help couples to understand the options for their wedding day. I believe that life is all about choice but many people are not aware that they can choose to have a celebrant-led wedding, completing the legal paperwork at another time. Below is a definition of the options open to couples:  A minister of religion in a church - this may be the right choice for you and includes the legal registration of your marriage.  A registrar wedding in council offices - this is often referred to as a 2+2 because you repeat short legal wording with two witnesses and sign the marriage register. You are then officially married and this is usually only available Monday to Thursday with the fee ranging from £60 to £95 depending on the location.  A registrar-conducted ceremony at your chosen venue (if it has a wedding licence). With this option, usually you won’t have met the registrar who attends and they may be conducting several ceremonies that day at set times. As above, you’ll repeat the legal declaratory wording and sign the marriage register. You are now officially married and it will cost from £455 - £708 (in Cornwall).  A wedding ceremony led by an independent celebrant – that’s me! Everything I do is about getting to know you as a couple and helping you to pick what you would like to include in your ceremony. There’ll be plenty of love and laughter and you can also choose to have your ceremony on any day at any time, for example, a Sunday afternoon, and to hold it anywhere you like (within reason). What about your favourite beach or your gran’s garden? The venue does not have to be licensed. You might like to also consider:  Warming your rings with love before the ceremony  Including family or friends in the ceremony  Having personal readings or poetry  Lighting a memory candle for somebody who can’t be with you  Having a hand-tying ceremony with bespoke ribbons - possibly with family or friends joining in  A family sand ceremony if you now have a blended family to celebrate  Writing secret vows to share (I can help!)  Planting a tree together to take home with you for your patio or garden This is only a snapshot of the types of symbolic gestures that you can choose within a celebrant-led ceremony. Together, we can explore what is right for you and, as we get to know each other, you know that you can trust me on the day to look after you both – and any nerves you might encounter. I have the best job in the world and I love driving away after a ceremony knowing it was perfect for the couple. * At this time, a celebrant cannot legally marry you. However, the Government is reviewing the marriage law and we hope that things will change in the future. If you would like to know a little bit more about this, you can check out this website: 07527 081 872,;