Your Cheshire and Merseyside Wedding - January/February 2024 (Issue 73)

“Keep everything flowing, guests should feel entertained throughout, then there’s no reason or room to complain if there are any lulls!” MEMORABLE MOMENTS The ceremony was the highlight of the day for Nicky, and similarly for Dave seeing his Nic Nic for the first time was a standout moment. “That aside, genuinely the whole day was amazing from beginning to end, guests haven’t stopped talking about all the details we added to keep them entertained throughout. It was a dream come true,” Nicky shares. Unbeknownst to guests the couple had enlisted the help of best man, Chris, and the bridesmaids for their fist dance. Complete with inflatable mic, Chris played the role of Robert Palmer, while the girls with inflatable guitars at the ready, played the backing band from the iconic Addicted To Love video. “When the music started and they walked in, guests couldn’t believe it,” Nicky remembers. “Then the DJ announced the new Mr and Mrs and we made our own entrance from behind the crowd and danced along with our singer and backups. It was fantastic, funny and a moment we’ll never forget.” Nicky says, “Our photographer, Caroline White, made the day run like clockwork, got the best shots discreetly while really making a good impression with the guests and she felt more like a lifelong friend than purely a photographer. Her work is absolutely breathtaking. We love every one of our photographs, and a lot of them we weren’t even aware of being taken. She made everyone feel at ease – what a gal!” REAL WEDDINGS 33