Your Cheshire and Merseyside Wedding - Sep-Oct 2023 (Issue 71)

Beauty and wellness editor, Kelly Andrews, talks to Strictly’s Luba Mushtuk about health, wellbeing and the all-important first dance Luba Mushtuk has been a pro dancer on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing since 2016. On a break between tours, she took some time out to chat to our beauty and wellness editor, Kelly Andrews. Here, she shares her top health and wellbeing tips for soon-to-be weds, as well as giving us the lowdown on how she keeps fit and healthy when she’s not performing on the show or touring. How did you discover your passion for dance and decide to make it a career? It all started when I fell in love with a skirt that my mum made for me when I was around three years old. I was a very naughty child, but once I had music and a skirt I was just off dancing by myself, rather than making a mess around the house! That was why my mum was so keen for me to keep dancing, it kept me out of trouble! From the age of four, I started competing. My oldest brother was already a dancer by that time and gave me a lot of lessons at home, so even at four I was very advanced compared to my peers. I guess the universe made a decision for me, I never even questioned my career path, as I’d already been doing it my whole life. I can’t even imagine doing anything else. What is the proudest moment of your career so far? I’m proud of how I’m able to communicate my passion and love for dance with millions of people and hopefully make them feel every single emotion I’m expressing through my art. Being on TV is so amazing, as you can bring joy to so many people, and hopefully inspire them too. How did you get involved with Strictly? I started as an assistant choreographer in 2016, which I did for two years and absolutely loved working behind the scenes. I always dreamed of being a professional dancer on the show though, so I’m grateful it happened that way. What style would you suggest a couple learn for their first dance as beginners, even for those of us with two left feet! The first dance is such a special moment and should be magical. I’ve choreographed a good few for for my friends, I love doing them, but it all depends on music choice. Once, I did a wedding dance mix of eight songs complete with a change of a dress. It’s about the couple, music choice and what they really want. A waltz or American smooth are both good choices for a classic first dance but if you want something a bit different, more fun, just go for it! Tell us about your own healthy living regime. How do you stay fit and healthy in between series and tours? It’s so important to stay healthy while on tour, as our schedule is so busy. But I also keep fit and healthy between tours and building up to Strictly Come Dancing. It’s actually very simple for me – I eat very clean and exercise daily, whether that’s pilates, a run, boxing, or dance. I also think sleep is such an important part of staying healthy. I certainly love my beauty sleep – I never get less than seven hours and always try to listen to my body. We understand you’re a fan of getting outdoors to exercise. Where do you most love to go? I love the outdoors especially on those rare sunny days. I’m a big sun lover! One of my favourite spots in London where I go for a run and exercise outdoors is Hampstead Heath; it’s so big and full of nature, with a great view over the city. I love being out in the fresh air. What does a typical day look like for you? How does your fitness and wellness regime fit in? If you want to fit it in, you will. It’s all about prioritising fitness and wellness that makes you feel good. I think you’re more likely to stick to a schedule if you work out in the morning, then there’s less chance of something coming up in the day that can cause exercise to fall down the list of priorities. Doing it first thing means you can’t push it back. There’s also something to be said for putting yourself first – do something for you first thing. My typical day starts with an early morning workout, I find it sets the Lady of the dance 80