Your Cheshire and Merseyside Wedding - Sep-Oct 2023 (Issue 71)

DEEP WarPaint For Men shares its make-up and skincare tips for grooms-to-be Our grooms’ editor, Melissa Cullen, chatted with the founder of WarPaint For Men, Danny Gray, to discuss his skincare advice for grooms-to-be. Base prep – As great make-up starts with healthy skin, preparation is key to ensuring any products you apply, like tinted moisturiser or concealer, sit well and last all day. Start by using a hydrating cleanser with warm water to wash your face. Follow this up with a hydrating moisturiser and a primer to create a great base for your make-up. It’s a good idea to leave the primer for a minute or so before applying any products. SPF always – It’s important to wear SPF every single day to protect your skin from sun damage. Don’t worry; sun cream designed for your face isn’t the same greasy stuff you’d use for your body. It's often lighter and non-greasy, helping to create a good base for make-up. Foundation vs tinted moisturiser – Sometimes, foundation can feel a bit too much in the warmer months, so instead, you can opt for a tinted moisturiser. These offer light coverage for your complexion while keeping your skin moisturised. Cool eyes – Using an eye cream is a great way to combat dark undereyes and crow’s feet. A hack to really wake up and refresh tired eyes is to keep your eye cream in the fridge. Anything cooling will help depuff your eyes and help you feel fresher on a hot day. Even complexion – To make sure your make-up looks even and natural, use a brush or sponge for application. When applying foundation or tinted moisturiser, blend it all over your face, up to your hairline, and down your neck. Take extra care to blend in areas that crease, which might get warmer during the summer, such as around the nose and under the eyes. Get bronzed – Do you want that just-backfrom-holiday look without reaching for the fake tan? Try using a bronzer to lightly contour the face and add extra warmth to your skin. Lightly sweep the bronzer across the top of your forehead and cheekbones using a powder brush, and gently buff out any harsh lines using the brush. Facial hair focus – Are your beard or brows looking a little patchy, or lighter after time in the sun? Keep your facial hair looking fuller and thicker with a make-up pencil. Keep the pencil sharp, and you’ll be able to draw hair-like strokes to fill any patches or lighter areas. Try using a small comb to blend and shape the hair. Don’t sweat it – If you’re worried about looking sweaty or oily, using a light, translucent powder on the face can help take away shine. Gently sweep the powder in circular motions over any areas of your face that can look shiny, usually the T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin). For more information about WarPaint For Men, visit Skin SKINCARE ADVICE 73