Your Cheshire and Merseyside Wedding - Jul-Aug 2023 (Issue 70)

A AFFAIR family Jodie and Peter were keen to have a big day filled with relaxed fun, love and laughter Images courtesy of Chris Blair Photography Microsoft Teams is by and large to thank for Jodie and Peter’s meeting. The two got to know each other via the platform through work during lockdown and officially became a couple in January 2021. “We’re basically the same person but in male and female forms,” says Jode. Their relationship moved apace and Pete proposed at the end of April that same year. “Soon after we got together, we just knew we wanted to spend our lives together and had spoken about it from the very beginning,” she continues. He popped the question during a day out to Ormskirk. Jode admits to having a feeling, but was nevertheless surprised. The couple knew West Tower was the place for them as soon as they saw it. In fact they cancelled the other venue viewings they had booked, feeling confident nowhere else could come close. “We fell in love with how beautiful it was and the exclusive aspect was appealing since we’d have kids at the wedding,” Jode shares. So, the date was set for 24th February, 2023. Join us as we learn more about the big day from the bride herself... 33 REAL WEDDINGS