Your Cheshire and Merseyside Wedding - May/June 2023 (Issue 69)

CONTACT OUR EXPERTS Jaine Briscoe-Price Photography, Jessica Lang Photography, Kevin Brown Photography, AFTER THE BIG DAY When the last of the confetti has been swept away and you’re headed off on honeymoon, your photographer will set to work on your images. You’ll find that each professional will work slightly differently, so your expectations should be based on exactly what you’ve discussed with them at time of booking. Here, Jaine, Jessica and Kevin tell us how they prefer to work to give you an idea of the range available. JAINE BRISCOE-PRICE PHOTOGRAPHY “Many photographers shoot and hand over a gallery of imagery for their couples and guests to download. This can be an agreed set of 400 images, or the whole gallery shot (I’ve heard of some giving up to 3,000). Personally, I feel that a finished album to last through future generations is the best option. Each of my couples select their chosen images from 25 to 200, these are then colour-balanced and prepared for album design. I view these as storybooks: they’re designed to live on the coffee table and be enjoyed week on week, year after year. I actually shoot with the album in mind, using layout and balance to create certain shots, which are then crafted together with the more candid images to tell the story of the day. “I’ve always felt that handing over a disc or gallery simply gives the newlyweds another task. So, I spend a dedicated few hours with each of my couples immediately after their honeymoon to ensure their memories will be beautifully immortalised in their final album, which they receive from Italy three months later. Plus, they’ll still have access to the online gallery for friends and family to view and purchase prints in the meantime.” JESSICA LANG PHOTOGRAPHY “When I come to edit images, I’ll choose the final selection as I can be objective. I know how to get the balance right between variety and over-compensating. Can you imagine looking through your final set and being bored because there’s too many? “Copyright of the images remains with the creator – me. However, I give written permission to my couples for them to be reproduced for personal use. Basically, anything goes as long as you aren’t using them for financial gain. I love to share the photographs I take as much as I can, building my portfolio helps me carry on doing what I love. However, if you have reason or preference for your images to be kept completely private, then I’m more than happy to cover that in our initial agreement at time of booking. “The delivery of final sets to my couples usually comes in various formats including online galleries, USBs and prints. After this, I’ll leave options open for albums or further prints to be ordered should couples or their loved ones wish.” KEVIN BROWN PHOTOGRAPHY “After the wedding our turnaround time for images to be ready for the couple is two to three weeks, even during the summer. Our couples then receive either a bespoke USB or a digital download of their images, although we retain copyright of the images they’re free to make copies. “An album can be added to our all-day package at any time, occasionally couples order for their first anniversary, which happens to be paper.” 46