Your Cheshire and Merseyside Wedding - May/June 2023 (Issue 69)

the sun Louise and Heather tied the knot at The Chester Fields in August, 2022 Images courtesy of Fitzpatrick Photography HERE COMES Louise and Heather met at work in 2014, and soon became friends. Before long, Louise found herself attracted to Heather thanks to her quirky fashion sense, brilliant sense of humour and fierce sense of loyalty. Heather in turn found herself attracted not only to Louise’s personality, but also her “randomness!” Heather proposed on Christmas Day, while still in their pyjamas opening their presents. She’d prepared a box for Louise containing notes telling the story of their journey together as a couple, which ended with Heather asking Louise to marry her. There was a beautiful ring in the box too! Louise was so shocked that Christmas lunch was late. The couple fell in love with The Chester Fields for a few reasons. “It’s so natural and rustic looking, you don’t have to do anything to make it look amazing as it already is,” Louise says. Plus, they were both impressed by the venue’s approach to weddings. There were no standard packages and the team were happy to leave all decisions on how the day would be run to the happy couple. “We told them our ideas and they made them come to life,” Louise remembers. So, the date was set for 25th August, 2022, and here Louise continues the story... 39 REAL WEDDINGS