Your Cheshire and Merseyside Wedding - January/February 2023 (Issue 67)

Calling all animal lovers We’ve put together the ultimate guide to pets at weddings to help you create the perfect day WHAT TO CONSIDER Having your pet by your side during your wedding might be an exciting thought, but consider how they might react in new environments or larger crowds – you won’t want to stress them out. If you think involving your fur baby might not be the best idea, fear not as there are plenty of ways to feature your pet on the day. One of our favourite ways is bringing them along to your engagement shoot and using the images on the wedding invites or around your reception space. Why not incorporate an illustration of your pet throughout the stationery, such as on your menus, table names, signage and table plan? You can even have animal-shaped candles or elegant ornaments of animals on the tables – let your imagination run wild and have fun with it! GROOMER HAS IT As you’ll be looking back on your wedding images for years to come, it’s essential to ensure everyone looks their best – including your furry friend. So, book your pet into the groomers or take some time before the day to pamper your pet and get them big-day ready. Why not purchase a tux, bow tie, bandana, floral collar, wreath or floral harness to ensure they look ohso smart? Just remember, practice makes perfect! So, get your pet used to wearing any new accessories around the house before the day so they can feel comfortable. Many couples are opting for floral or pearl leads that look stunning and fashionable. If you’re opting for floral accessories, ensure the blooms aren’t toxic to your pet. If you’re worried pre-wedding nerves will kick on the day, ensure you take some time with your pet that morning to help you relax. 109 PETS AT WEDDINGS If you’re nything like us at County Wedding Magazines, your pets mean the world to you and are n extended part of the family. Many couples choose to include their fur babies in annual celebrations, so why not do the same on your special day? Here are some top tips for creating the perfect wedding alongside your furry friend. THE PERFECT SETTING The first and most essential step when planning to have your pet at your wedding is to find a pet-friendly venue. Some venues allow pets throughout the entire site, while others only allow them outside; although this won’t be an issue if you’re having an al fresco celebration it’s best to check the policies they have in place. Consider the spaces when looking around a property. If you have older pets, keep in mind the flooring as you won’t want them struggling to get around if the floors are slippery. Look for an area where you can create a cosy den where they can relax and escape the crowd if needed. Pack some of their favourite toys and blankets for some added comfort on the day. We suggest taking your pet to the venue before the wedding if possible, so they can familiarise themselves with the surroundings. Remember that your chosen venue might ask for an extra fee or a security deposit to ensure there’s no damage left behind.