Your Cheshire and Merseyside Wedding - July/August 2022 (Issue 64)

Join us for a stroll through the wonderful world of wedding venue styling. It’s all too easy to get carried away, but when a simple idea is executed to perfection... well, that’s when you have a theme come true! CHOOSING A THEME Settling on a theme can be a tricky business, so the best way forward might be to consider your personalities and common ground. Lauren Marnell at R’marnies Weddings & Events says, “For a truly personal wedding, look at what you both like, what you’ve dreamed of, what you enjoy and what makes you smile, as well as your life experiences, and places and people important to you.” Whatever theme you opt for, it’s a way to communicate your own love story and ensure your big day is as unique as the two of you. Regardless of what you have in mind, the best place to start is by having a chat with your venue stylist, recommends Amanda Nelson of Wachadoin Events. She tells us, “Your venue stylist can help you keep things viable whatever you go for, whether it’s something current such as rustic or botanical themes; traditional, classic design; or something completely different. You’ll need to decide how far you want to take the idea – it could be as simple as using a table plan and name cards to add in a hint of the theme, or you can go all out and decorate the whole venue. From pirates to motor racing or Disney and beyond anything can work, but you need to maintain a good balance between the theme and how you want your day to look and feel.” PICK A PALETTE One of the keys to settling on the perfect palette for your big day is the time of year. Different seasons will naturally lend themselves to different colours. During the spring or summer for example, many opt for pretty pastels such as the oh-so on trend blush pink and sage. Autumn and winter on the other hand bring out the gorgeous rich jewel tones such as burgundy or emerald green, or seasonal hues of frosty white, blue and silver. Don’t fret though, as Katie Lloyd at Maddison J Creations says, “You’ll know what you’re drawn to the most when it comes to colour and style. Don’t be afraid to be different, you don’t have to stick to the trends – this is your day. There are many different ways to add pops of colour throughout the styling, which is why we think it’s so important to meet with your stylist at your venue.” THE VENUE SPEAKS VOLUMES It doesn’t pay to ignore your setting when it comes to the styling, not only when picking a theme and palette, but practicality too is crucial. In fact, it’s so important that Katie advises you to choose your venue before you set your heart on anything else. She says, “Some are light and airy, others can be dark and historical. Settling on where you’ll marry first, gives you a starting point for your theme. Most will have an image gallery of previous weddings on their website to help inspire you.” So, to the aforementioned practicalities. We recommend you ask your venue team as many questions as possible and ask for a meeting with R’marnies Weddings & Events © The ultimate guide to styling your venue come true A THEME Wachadoin Events Wachadoin Events 58