Your Cheshire and Merseyside Wedding - May/June 2022 (Issue 63)

the lens BEHIND Allow us to introduce you to some of the region’s finest wedding photographers DEBBIE MCGREGOR PHOTOGRAPHY Debbie began her photography journey by taking images of tress and leaves, then later cats and bees, before her subject matter evolved into weddings. Today she photographs elopements, weddings and dancers all over the world. She’s now been in the realm of photography for seven years, and absolutely loves what she does. “I’ve always had a creative and colourful soul with a big love for happily ever afters. I’m so happy I get to be a part of people’s lives in such a special and happy way,” she says. How would you describe your style of photography? “Colourful, wild, romantic yet relaxed. I love to play with colours, details, textures and storytelling. I’m hugely influenced by old fairytales like the Brothers Grimm and love how beautifully the stories are brought to life through various art forms. I love experimenting with different locations too, I’m not afraid to leap over hedges or get stuck in the mud for that perfect shot! I want my couples to have a photographer that I’d want at my own wedding.” What’s your favourite Debbie McGregor shot? “My lovely friend asked me to shoot her wedding and I remember being so nervous and excited at the same time. I love this image as it’s very intimate. They’re sharing a beautiful moment as the sun is gold and setting – super romantic. She’s absolutely breathtaking, but I love the way he’s looking at her, so the focus is on his reaction.” CAROLINE WHITE PHOTOGRAPHY Back in 2000, Caroline was struggling to find a photographer for her own wedding. On her list was someone who was unobtrusive and creative. Naturally, she and her spouse-to-be wanted to spend the day with family and friends, not be taken away for hours and in Caroline’s words, “bullied,” something she’d experienced many times as a bridesmaid. Finally, they found the one and guests commented on how amazing she was having found the whole experience to be a breath of fresh air. Caroline tells us, “I changed my career on my wedding day. It was a blast of a light bulb moment for me. This is what I want to do with my life – be creative and offer this experience. I’ve never looked back!” How would you describe your style of photography? “I find it tricky to define as I adapt to each couple, venue and lighting. For me, it’s all about your experience and how you feel in that moment. I will say though, I’m in love with light like you wouldn’t believe! So, the answer in a nutshell? Unobtrusive, creative, emotive, romantic and dramatic.” There are so many wedding photographers out there. How do couples choose the right one for them? “Just like you choose each other – from how you feel. Sure, the photographs have to resonate with you, but you need to have that connection with your photographer so you can trust them and feel comfortable to be vulnerable enough for them to photograph you. In fact, everything about your wedding is about how you feel, it’s an emotive day after all. If you book all of your suppliers in the same way, then you’ll find your tribe, and they’ll move mountains for you.” FIND OUT MORE @debbiemcgregorweddings FIND OUT MORE @carolinewhitephotographyuk 51 PHOTOGRAPHY