Your Bristol & Somerset Wedding - June/July 2023 (Issue 95)

LIGHT guidingLucie and Tom tied the knot at Berwick Lodge in April 2022 Images courtesy of Venetia Norrington Photography MY Lucie and Tom met as teenagers while working in B&Q at the weekends. Tom was in the year above Lucie at school, so while they were aware of each other, they’d never formally met. The pair embarked on a relationship the following year, but both still had plenty of growing up to do and parted two years later. Happily, the world of academia brought them together again though, when they bumped into each other at their university’s freshers week. One short year later the relationship was back on and they’ve been together ever since. Tom proposed to Lucie while taking a road trip around Canada in an RV. The couple share a mutual love for the stars, so it was simply perfect when Tom got down on one knee on a clear night by a lake beneath the heavens. This is the romantic version, Lucie has the true story... “Every night of the trip had been cloudy, and it wasn’t until the last evening in Banff we had clear skies. However, we arrived at our RV site only to be told not to go out after dark due to a cougar sighting! After dinner and a couple of games of UNO, Tom decided to drive the RV down to a beautiful lake to look at the stars but when he stepped out after nightfall, I point blank refused to follow for fear of getting ripped apart by said cougar! So, I stood in the doorway waiting for him to come back and after several moments he returned to make a wonderful speech about love, and got down on one knee to propose. My response to which was: ‘Are you joking?’” Berwick Lodge was exactly what the couple were looking for in a venue: beautiful, bright, and airy with extensive grounds. “We were looking for somewhere we could go back and visit again and again, somewhere we could make our own, and most importantly a venue that was dog friendly to ensure we could incorporate our fur baby into the day,” Lucie explains. Join us as the bride gives us the lowdown on W-day, 15th April, 2022... 35 REAL WEDDINGS