Your Bristol & Somerset Wedding - February/March 2023 (Issue 93)

OH THE DRAMA! Photographer Em of Em & Woz ( says: “Certainly 2022, was an interesting one for us as wedding photographers. A number of our couples were given the opportunity to celebrate big time, let their hair down and finally have their wedding day after several postponements due to the pandemic. “We’ve found that many of our couples chose very natural tones with perhaps a hint of green or blue, which gave our images a cool and subtle tonal palette. For 2023, we’ll be expecting to see more dramatic imagery with the use of beautiful bold warm colours such as magenta and plum in particular. “Reportage, or documentary photography, has been growing in popularity over the past few years and we’ll see that trend continue as many people are a bit camera shy and the candid style puts way less pressure on them. There’s also a trend towards a more analogue feel to photographs, with direct flash lending them a bit of paparazzi glamour and even a bit of, gasp, grain and blur! This really works well in the evening as the party starts to get going and people start to let loose a bit. Next year it’s all about the dramatic look.” DYNAMIC BAKES Claire Hansen from Claire Hansen Cakes ( says: “The recent trend for adding colourful tiers to your wedding cake is set to continue in 2023. Where deep, rich hues of blue and green have been popular over the last few years, I’m starting to see couples with colour palettes that feature shades of burgundy, pink and magenta, which coincidentally has just been named Pantone Colour of the Year – Viva Magenta. “Cakes that feature a combination of small and tall tiers or an alternatively shaped tier, such as hexagonal, continue to be popular and are often used to highlight the addition of a colourful tier bringing drama and interest to the overall look. “I’m also very excited to see couples opting for more design-led cakes featuring wafer paper foliage with features such as sails. This is something I specialise in and really enjoying making. Wafer paper silver dollar leaves are a beautiful, subtle way to add structural design elements to your cake wile staying true to a traditional white wedding palette. These can easily be mixed with cakes, leaves and flowers in other hues to create a dynamic and showstopping centrepiece – gorgeous!” BY ROYAL APPOINTMENT Gaynor Page at Topikki Stationery ( says: “We’ve seen some trends lingering on post pandemic in the wedding stationery world, but 2023 will see most of them fading as we look forward to some lovely subtle changes. Wallets will still be popular with gatefolds taking the place of the envelope style and other folded versions creeping in. “Following King Charles III’s accession to the throne, I wondered whether we’d see a more formal look to invitations, with monograms at the top. It seems I was right, and fast approaching are single square or landscape invitations bearing a monogram or image of the venue either stand-alone or as inserts in pocket wallets. “Flora and foliage are still prevalent too but there will be more of an emphasis on line work rather than the heavier boho feel of recent years. Colours are also changing. I think we’ll see metallics being replaced by shimmer or sheen and an increase in neutrals and stronger pastels. Font styles are evolving as well, with script being overtaken by simpler versions. “Another thing I’m aware of is the use of wax seals and there’s now a vast array of colours to choose from. They go hand in hand with crest invitations and the whole look can be enhanced by envelope liners to match.” 56