Your Bristol & Somerset Wedding - February/March 2023 (Issue 93)

53 PETS AT WEDDINGS PET SITTER Your pet will need a chaperone at the wedding as the day itself will be very busy. So, take some of the weight off your shoulders by hiring a pet sitter or having a loved one on hand to help look after your furry friend. Have a chat with them before the wedding to plan feeding times, exercise and where they need to be throughout the day. They’ll also offer extra support and can jump in when needed. Not only will your pet be in great hands, but they’ll get plenty of care and the attention needed throughout the day. If you’re on the fence about having your pet attend your wedding, why not have someone bring them along to just the photo shoot away from all the guests? That way, you can take a lovely walk and still see them on your special day – think about the cute images that would be captured! BE PREPARED Let guests know ahead of the wedding that your pet will be attending the day on your RSVPs or wedding website. That way, anyone with allergies or phobias has time to step forward and arrangements can be made to suit everyone. Loved ones can take extra measures by taking Antihistamines or keeping their distance throughout the day. You’ll also want to inform your photographer so they can prepare and plan some stunning shoots with your best friend – this is particularly important if you have a large pet such as a horse, llama or donkey. SPECIAL ROLE Ask any pet owner and they’ll tell you how special their pet really is; they’re with us in our happiest and saddest moments, always ready to share their love. So, why not give them a special role on the day to highlight their importance? Imagine having your companion by your side as you walk down the aisle towards your future husband/wife. Many popular roles included flowergirl, best man, dog-of-honour or ring bearer. Check with your celebrant or registrar to ensure they’re comfortable with this. For a fun and special touch to your day, why not attach a GoPro to your pet’s harness to capture the day in their eyes? This entertaining idea is the perfect way to look back on your wedding and feel even closer to your best bud – it will also make for some hilarious moments! BON A-PET-TREAT One of our favourite ways to feature your pet is by incorporating them in the cake topper, so they’ll be the centre of attention and a talking point amongst guests. Many companies can create the pieces using clay or wood, so you can treasure the topper for years to come. Or why not have cute favours such as pet-shaped biscuits or donate to an animal shelter on behalf of your guests? Many organisations can print cards or provide pins as a thank you to share with guests. If you have leftover cake on the day, why not have doggie bags with an illustration of your pooch for a nice touch? We also love the idea of a treat-to-go station with some tasty treats and custom bags for guests to take home to their animals or share with other pets attending the day. If you’re having a signature cocktail, a fun idea is naming the drink after your companion.