Your Bristol & Somerset Wedding - February/March 2023 (Issue 93)

I went into Eleanor Florence in Yeovil with every intention of buying a very boho, relaxed dress with some lace, but came out with something much more structured and formal. I only tried on four, but knew this was the one I wanted Liam to see me in. The bridesmaids wore burnt orange floor-length dresses. I decided on the colour and let them pick their own styles – they both ended up wanting the same one! We left also left the accessories up to the individuals so that they could feel like themselves. Liam wore a green, tweed, three-piece suit. Orig inally he was going to wear the brown to match the groomsmen, but af ter we saw the green we decided on the change, which allowed him to sta nd out more. Luckily the orange ties looked good with both colours. Mean while, the groomswoman wore a brown dress to coordinate with the groom’s party. We went to an Imagine Dragons concert on our first date, so we tried to incorporate their music into our day. Our pianist played On Top of The World as we left the ceremony. I chose dried flowers as these reflected the autumnal theme better than fresh. Also it meant we could have lovely keepsakes from the day. I was pleasantly surprised that I was abled to get dried flowers in such bright colours. I put all of the arrangements together myself with help from my mum and sister, with the exception of the bouquets, which I purchased from Etsy – they were a bit beyond our abilities! I kept my accessories simple and wore the sapph ire necklace and earrings I inherited from my nan, so it felt like she was with me. My shoes were a fab pair of heels from Esska, which were the mos t comfortable I’ve ever worn. I also wore a veil and even managed to ke ep it on the whole day. 36