Your Bristol & Somerset Wedding - December 2022 /January 2023 (Issue 92)

HOT TOPIC Stellar wedmin advice from those in the know SNUGGLE UP How can I give my wedding venue a warm, winter-wonderland atmosphere to suit my January nuptials? When thinking of winter weddings, people often jump to icy blues, silver and white, but in my opinion these can look cold and uninviting. If you’d like your venue to exude feelings of cosiness, opulence and luxury, think about layering up different textures, such as shaggy sheepskin rugs against warm-toned natural woods. Think also about layering your lighting with atmospheric fairylights (always choose a warm LED for a cosy effect) and flickering candlelight at varying heights. Also, don’t be shy with colour. Winter wonderland doesn’t have to mean light, cool colours; sometimes deep and moody tones, set against lighter elements, sparkling glassware, and twinkling lighting create even more impact and can draw your guests in. Holly Allman-Lopez, TAKE NOTE How can we make sure our wedding stationery is sustainable? You’d think it would be easy to find a wedding stationery supplier who works sustainably. After all, all paper is recyclable, right? Wrong actually. Any papers coated in wax, plastic or foil can’t be recycled. So, if you want your stationery to be sustainable, avoid metallic finishes, glitter backgrounds and acrylic invitations. You could even go one step further and ensure your stationery supplier is using FSC-certified cards and papers. This means they’re sourced from carefullymanaged forests. Nature and our environment is our biggest source of inspiration here, so we try to do all we can to protect them. All of our designs are made to order, meaning we don’t hold or throw away any unsold stock. Our paper products are all FSC certified and the inks we use are eco-solvent, ensuring our stationery is suitable for conventional recycling. We give you the option to have your designs printed on recycled stocks or to have then created and sent to you digitally if you want to send e-invites. Becci Clubb, RING, RING We love the idea of a guest book, but know it can be a bind to get people to sign it. Is there any way around this? There is! The Audio Guest Book, allows your nearest and dearest to leave recorded voicemail messages on repurposed, original, 1970s rotary telephones. Posted straight to your door along with its own handmade wooden sign, it’s easy to set up and captures the atmosphere and excitement of the day as well as immortalising special loved ones while giving them an interactive experience they won’t forget. The Audio Guest Book telephones come in a variety of colours to suit all themes and look iconic in any setting. We’ve also found that the enagement of the voicemail format seems to be far higher than a traditional hand-written guest book, with some coming back to us contatining hundreds of messages. On top of this we’ve received excellent feedback from our couples saying how they “laughed and cried” while listening to the recordings. As well as receiving all your messages digitally, we can also send you a glass message in a bottle USB for you to keep forever. Jack Eaton, 68