Your Bristol & Somerset Wedding - October/November 2022 (Issue 91)

After months, even years, of reading my excited babble about our dear CWM colleague Melissa’s wedding day, you may be relieved to hear that it finally happened, and what a day it was! I’ll leave the storytelling to the bride herself, as you can read all about it from page 88, but I would like to impart a little of my own bridesmaid’s wisdom centred around the morning preparations. These moments were the highlight for me, and it’s a part of the day often overlooked amongst the hubbub of wedding planning, so…  Be as organised as you possibly can in the lead up. This way, you’ll have very little to worry about on the day. Admittedly, Melissa’s abilities in this area are superhuman, but knowing we weren’t allowed into the venue to set up until 10am she’d put together individual boxes containing everything each reception table needed. All we had to do when we arrived was unpack them in the right place. We were done in no time, stress free and ready to be beautified.  When you have your trial, be sure to discuss with your hair and make-up artists the morning’s timings. Understanding whether there’ll be any travel time to the ceremony involved; or restrictions such as when you’re allowed entry to the venue, if you’re getting ready there, will help them work out where they should be up to and when. Melissa’s team had everything running like clockwork in a very tight time frame.  Enjoy every moment. I can’t explain how special these few hours spent with our bride were. Chaotic and gone in a flash, but oh-so precious. I spent a significant proportion of it in tears and I could probably count the number of times I’ve happy cried prior to this on one hand! As we waited for Melissa to be called in to see the registrar, only the four of us remained in the cottage, and a hush descended for the first time that day as the bride centred herself and absorbed the enormity of what was about to happen. I swear I’ll never forget that time, my heart nearly beat right out of my chest with love for my amazing friends. My point is this: devote some of your planning time to the morning preparations and when your photographer offers you the option of capturing them, take them up on it. You won’t regret it, promise. Now, while I leave you and mull over what on Earth I’m going to regale you with now the wedding is over, I hope you enjoy this issue. It’s bursting at the seams with inspiration! We’ve taken a look into the world of wedding photography, one of my favourite subjects, and introduce you to a talented local bunch of suppliers who will lovingly hand make their wedding-related goodies just for you. Enjoy and keeeep planning! Kelly Andrews, editor Best day ever! Kelly x ISSN 1755-4756 EDITORIAL 01376 535 611 Danielle Harvey | Managing Editor Kelly Andrews | Deputy Managing Editor and Beauty Editor Melissa Cullen | Senior Editor, Grooms and Travel Editor Claire Ridley | Fashion Editor DESIGN 01376 535 616 | Graphic Designers |Stephanie Hodder | Vicky O’Connor Production Assistant | Lorna Butcher Digital Marketing Coordinator Katie Laley Web Development Manager Stuart Weatherley ADVERTISING Sales & Events Director Sarah Ellis | 01376 538 490 Account Manager Kelly Bermon | 01376 538 563 ACCOUNTS 01376 535 616 Accounting Manager | Derrick James Your Bristol & Somerset Wedding is solely owned, published and designed by KD Media Publishing. Whilst every effort was made to ensure the information in this magazine was correct at the time of going to press, the publishers cannot accept legal responsibility for any errors or omissions, nor can they accept responsibility for advert content, or of the standing of advertisers or by the editorial contributions. The views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of the publisher. Your Bristol & Somerset Wedding is published six times a year. @CountyWeddingMagazines @CountyWeddings @countyweddingmagazines Visit us online at and cwe COUNTY WEDDING EVENTS They did it ! EDITOR’S LETTER 7