Your Bristol & Somerset Wedding - October/November 2022 (Issue 91)

Our florist supplied a mirror for the table plan and I cut out and applied the guests names to it ensuring font continuity throughout all of the stationery. I also made the place names using a pastel watercolour theme. Our tables were all named after different types o f trees – beech, redwood, oak etc. This reflected our engagement at the arb oretum. We wanted a wildflower feel to our centrepieces, which we definitely got. They had the burst of colour as well as being del icate and not overly busy. Our cake maker worked with our florist to ensure everything was tied together, as well as incorporating an ombre effect to match the bridesmaids’ dresses The bridesmaids wore blue floor-length dresses (Miranda from Babaroni). They were all gifted cherry blossom necklaces on the morning of the wedding. We wanted to include as many colours as possib le in our floral arrangements and our florist was able to incorporate a wide range of pastel hues, not just in the bouquets but also in t he arch we were married beneath. The stairs were beautifully decorated to o. 41 REAL WEDDINGS