Your Bristol & Somerset Wedding - August/September 2022 (Issue 90)

CAKE One of the most spectacular visuals from Daphne and Simon’s wedding was a massive wedding cake that stood at 4.5-foot tall. In addition to its impressive height, the centrepiece was extremely detailed, right down to the Bridgerton and Hastings crests iced on. Detailed, extravagant cakes are certainly making a comeback in 2022. This year the UK’s oldest British caterer is recreating a royal wedding cake made by its founder 126 years ago, to celebrate their 175th anniversary. Searcy’s catering ( has taken a trip back through its archives to the cake made for the1896 royal wedding of Princess Maud, then the future Queen of Norway, to Prince Carl of Denmark. Five-tiers of Dundee fruit cake are covered with delicate marzipan and white and gold lattice work icing before topped with carefully crafted sugar work of flowers, fruits, cherubs and lions – all recreated by the cakemakers. This style of cake is perfect for those going all out regalia-inspired on their wedding day. Pressed floral cakes are a great option for those still inspired by the 18th century but wanting a more earthy, whimsical feel for their day. Bakeries typically use edible flowers grown, picked and hand-pressed. They can be designed according to your favourite flowers and even match your bouquet. DECORATION Maximalists rejoice as the only way to decorate a Regency era-inspired wedding is to go all out. And we mean ALL OUT. Look to see if your venue has a chandelier, as this is a perfect way to recreate the grand atmosphere seen in the Bridgerton world. Oversized centrepieces are a signature of nearly all the weddings and balls held in the series. Work with your florist and wedding planner to create some awe-inspiring table decorations your guest will remember. For your tableware, fine, floral china is a gorgeous nod to 18th-century Britain and the perfect decorative touch for the detail-orientated bride. Gold cutlery or gold-rimmed glassware flaunt opulence and abundance but can be inexpensive if hired. Having a champagne tower at your reception is the perfect indulgence enjoyed by high society – and your guests too. It’s a great touch to follow your wedding toast or a grand welcome as your guests enter. ENTERTAINMENT One of the most memorable elements of Bridgerton that audiences hold close to their heart is the orchestral renditions of pop songs throughout the show. Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift played by string ensemble provides the backdrop for Anthony Bridgerton and Kate Sharma’s courtship in season two. If you wish to recreate this soundtrack for your own love story, a string quartet or harpist will produce the perfect atmosphere for walking down the aisle or during your first dance. If you too want a mixture of classical and chart tunes, ask your guests to suggest some of their favourite tracks to be played by your musicians. If you plan on getting hitched in the warmer months, traditional lawn games are an amazing era-inspired way to entertain your guests after the ceremony. A game of croquet before the evening celebrations is fun for both young and older guests alike. 82