Your Bristol & Somerset Wedding - August/September 2022 (Issue 90)

The cello has such a rich tone creating the perfect ambience for a wedding ceremony or drinks reception. This issue we take a look at all sorts of entertainment ideas to ensure your guests never suffer a moment’s boredom. I love a boho vibe and am a big fan of this modern twist on the much-loved theme. For me, there’s something of the Duchess of Cambridge about it. It’ll be a proud moment for whoever walks you down the aisle. The love you share means it’ll be emotional and memorable too. The ceremony is the most important part of the day, so why shouldn’t it be as much fun as the ensuing celebrations? Turn to Hot Topic where Jen the Celebrant tells us more. 47 56 The jewellery and accessories you choose to wear on your wedding day may have special significance, tie together your look and bridal party, or speak to your individual style – even all three. 43 54 I can’t resist shoehorning in a woofer pic wherever possible. Meet the gorgeous Pepper, model for our Crowcombe Court shoot this issue. 26 63 EDITOR’S LETTER 7