Your Bristol & Somerset Wedding - August/September 2022 (Issue 90)

LETTER OF THE LAW We’re a bit confused about what the new law surrounding outdoor weddings means for us. Can you explain it please? Explaining confusing marriage rules is one of our favourite things! Outdoor weddings have always been allowed at licensed venues. The old rules stated that this had to happen under a permanent approved structure though, such as a bandstand or gazebo. Since April 2022, legal changes mean that ceremonies can take place outside anywhere in the grounds of a licensed venue, whether it’s in a pagoda, a temporary marquee or in the open air. Registrars just have to make sure the location is accessible, safe and suitable for the ceremony. The options are enormous, which is fantastic news for all you lovely couples who want to say your vows surrounded by nature. The main thing that hasn’t changed is that the venue must be licensed for ceremonies, so it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to marry in your own garden, at the beach or on Glastonbury Tor. Indeed, you might discover your dream venue with the perfect garden, field or woodland and find it isn’t licensed. If so, just ask the owner if they’d consider it and get them to contact their local registration service. It can all be put in place in just a few weeks. Amber Packer-Hughes, A HELPING HAND I’m finding that planning my wedding alongside working full time and looking after my family is taking its toll. A friend suggested I hire a wedding planner, but I’m not sure what to expect, I don’t want to relinquish full control. Can you tell me more about the process? Most wedding planners will offer you a free no-obligation meeting, as I do, so that you can have a chat about how involved you want them to be. When I sit down with my couples, I discuss their wish list, budget, date, how they met, the proposal and much more. But, if you’d rather carry on planning the wedding yourself, you may want to just consider hiring someone to manage the big day only. This is a service I offer, whereby I look after everything on the wedding day, allowing you to focus on the occasion without any of the stress. I can even help to plan the hen, stag or family gathering if you’d like. Planning and managing a wedding can be stressful, so let a professional lend a hand and you can breathe and enjoy your special day. Samantha Smart, The Old Milking Parlour ALWAYS Our wedding will have a Wizarding World theme, how can we bring the magic to our wedding video? Since you’ve opted for a themed wedding, I assume you already have trinkets, props, decorations and collectables to dress your venue. These are also crucial elements to add that sparkle and realism to your video. Props that can also be actively used in the film to add an additional layer of interest, as long as you’re up for a few theatrics! Things like magic wands and costumes will all ensure those special memories of the day are captured forever and elevate your wedding from muggle to magical! Communication is key and if you have an idea of what you want in mind, talk it through with your videographer. Make sure they have the capability to produce it and film it to the quality you expect. Here at Weathered Oak, I can produce anything from visual and special effects, to atmospheric music and movie magic with you as the star, meaning you’ll want to watch your video over and over again. I also happen to be a mega film buff, so it’s a certainty I’ll be just as excited about any themed project as you! Dan Ackroyd, Scan to view video 55 EXPERT ADVICE