Your Berks, Bucks and Oxon Wedding - February/March 2023 (Issue 99)

DOGGIE DAYCARE We want our much-loved dog to be a big part of our wedding but are concerned that we won’t have the time to walk and feed him on the big day - can you help? Meet the expert: Ellis Brickley runs Ellis’ Pet Daycare & Dog Walking Service, a Buckinghamshire-based canine wedding concierge service for dogs and their owners, tailored to meet their bespoke needs. Ellis says: Why not book The Unlimited Love package, £450, for your four-legged friend that consists of the following:  An initial consultation either face-to-face or via zoom, and a 30-minute dog walk where I get to know them (where possible).  I will collect your dog and safely transport them to the venue.  A walk before the wedding commencing.  A choice of bespoke custom-made accessories for the big day for example a bandanna, bow tie or flower crown.  I will chaperone your pet at all times and carry out all duties as discussed.  I will coordinate with your photographer and videographer and assist them in capturing the best pictures.  I will supervise and attend to your dog’s comfort requirements before meeting the bridal party and guests.  I will take them on a wind-down walk after the wedding.  I will safely transport your dog back to your home or chosen accommodation.  Pet sitting on the wedding night, or the night before the wedding, in the owner’s own home or chosen accommodation. The pet sitting includes feeding them at the times they require and any medication administered so that the dog’s normal daily routine is undisrupted. 07861 411 966,; THE ICING ON THE CAKE We want a wow-factor wedding cake, what do you suggest? Meet the expert: Amanda Hill is the talent behind In the Green Sugarcraft Flowers based in Buckinghamshire. Amanda says: Why not decorate your cake with hand-crafted sugar flowers which always look beautiful? Wild country flower designs, sprays or individual flowers can transform a simple cake into a stunning centrepiece. Each flower is made from the finest sugar paste and I can replicate any blooms, whether it’s a single stem or a cascade of flowers. The finished piece is hand-painted with edible colours. 66