Your Berks, Bucks and Oxon Wedding - August/September 2023 (Issue 102)

Dressed TO IMPRESS The team at Colour Me Beautiful share their fashion advice for the groom-to-be Choosing the right outfit for your special day will come down to a variety of factors: the style of wedding you’re having, the venue, the time of year and, of course, what your partner is wearing. To help you find the perfect look, we’ve asked Cliff Bashforth, the MD of Colour Me Beautiful, to share his top styling tips: CHOOSING A STYLE There are different styles of formal attire available for men, some of which are more traditional than others. Morning dress: This is the most formal suit worn during the day and works well for all body shapes and sizes. Tuxedo: A formal look typically used for evening receptions, tuxedos can be either single or double-breasted, and for a less formal look you have the option of adding a coloured tie and waistcoat or cummerbund. Frock coat: A popular addition to the wedding scene, the frock coat can be made from luxury fabrics such as brocade or velvet. It’s best suited for average to tall, inverted triangle and rectangle body shapes, but can be worn with a waistcoat. Lounge suit: This is a relaxed formal wear and is suitable for any time of day. If you aren’t used to wearing a suit during the day, this might be the most comfortable option. Choose fabrics carefully: a crisper fabric for an inverted triangle, lightweight for a rectangle and a softer, woven fabric such as lightweight flannel for a round body shape. Alternatives: If a uniform is part of your life, you may want to wear a formal version of it for your wedding. The same applies if you have traditional dress, religious or otherwise. For an informal wedding, you may want to wear a lounge suit, with or without a tie. HIRING Don’t hesitate to hire the men’s attire, but make sure that you have tried your suit on in advance and that the sleeve lengths are correct, and the trousers fit properly. Whether you want the best man, fathers, and ushers to wear the same as the groom is entirely a personal choice. However, the best man usually wears the same style of suit as the groom. What the other men in the bridal party wear often depends on the formality of the wedding. If you choose to have a page boy or ring bearer, make sure that he’s comfortable in what he wears to avoid any last-minute tantrums. ACCESSORIES The way the men in the bridal party wear the various accessories that complete their outfit is important, and you will want to make sure they get it right. This is where you can co-ordinate or contrast colours and demonstrate some of your personality. Shirts, ties, and cufflinks: The choice of shirt will depend on the neckwear. For example, a tie requires a standard shirt and collar, a self-tie cravat can be worn with a standard or wing collar, a cravat needs a wing collar to go with it and if you’ve decided to go for a bow tie, team it with a standard or wing collar. Whatever the type of neckwear, it should be made from silk so it falls well. Cufflinks are only worn with a shirt that has double fold back cuffs. Beware of choosing jokey inappropriate cufflinks for a formal wedding. Waistcoats: You can choose a waistcoat in the same colour as your jacket or a contrasting one. Consider wearing something different from the rest of the men to help you stand out and make your own fashion statement. As with any waistcoat, always leave the lowest button open. Cummerbunds, belts and braces: A cummerbund can be worn with a black tie or tuxedo and is great for tidying up the waistline and disguising a rounded stomach. A cummerbund should always be teamed with a bow tie, and you can have fun choosing suitable colours for both. If the suit trousers have loops, these call for a belt (and certainly no braces), but if these are unable to be altered to fit for the occasion and there are no belt loops, braces will be needed. Under no circumstances should these be worn together! Shoes and socks: Black shoes should be highly polished and not scuffed; black patent can be worn with black tie. Make sure any labels on the soles are removed before wearing them. Socks should be worn in plain, dark colours and made from wool, cotton, or silk. Avoid man-made fibres to prevent discomfort. They should be long enough to cover your lower calf. Boutonnière or buttonholes: A boutonnière is a small flower arrangement placed in the buttonhole. Your boutonnière should match the flowers or colours used throughout the rest of the wedding. Boutonnières for the rest of the men in the wedding party should be the same style or colour as yours, but not exactly the same in other respects. Double check that the stem of the boutonnière is securely pinned to the lapel. GROOMING Make sure you’ve booked a haircut for the photographs. If you have heavy brows, they should be controlled – you may need to get your tweezers out! It goes without saying that shaving or beard trimming must be attended to at the appropriate time prior to the ceremony. Your hands will also be on display on the day, so treat yourself to a manicure the day before the wedding or do it yourself if you have the time. Getty Images For more information, visit FASHION ADVICE 83