Your Berks, Bucks and Oxon Wedding - August/September 2023 (Issue 102)

You can follow Sophie on Instagram at and on Tik Tok at a young adult, my weight has fluctuated year after year, and when I turned 18, I put on quite a bit. Then, as the first Covid lockdown hit I fell in love with fitness and completely transformed my life and body. However, that did come with its own disadvantages. I became obsessed with it all and would really get down on myself when I didn’t work out or eat right. Ultimately though, it taught me that no matter where I am with my body, I’m always going to want to change something whether I’m in perfect shape or not. I feel that now I have a happy balance and have accepted myself the way I am. I know that I want to look good, but I also want to enjoy my fried chicken burger, fries and a gallon of mayo without feeling bad! How do you want to encourage and inspire women to discover their own self-love? I think it’s important to remember that no one really cares. That’s what I learnt after suffering with pretty bad acne. I thought everyone was looking at me and the reality was that they just weren’t. As soon as you start putting yourself outside of your comfort zone, your confidence will grow. Another big one: don’t be mean to yourself, give yourself a break. Wedding dress shopping can be a stressful time for those with worries about certain aspects of their body. What should they be looking for to feel more confident on the big day? I think it’s so important to leave any expectations at the door. Go into the shopping experience with an open mind and a clean canvas. I’d be looking for something I feel comfortable and myself in. I think it’s important to remember that most people aren’t completely happy with themselves, and that’s okay. Go with what feels right and remember: on the day you really won’t care about the little things. For many, their wedding day is the first time a couple will find themselves the centre of attention with all eyes on them. Some may find this uncomfortable, particularly if they’re feeling self conscious about their body. What advice would you have for them? As long as you’ve made the day enjoyable for yourself as well as your guests, you’ll get lost in the experience. I think a lot of couples get caught up in making the experience great for their guests, but forget about their own wants and needs. I think it’s important to have fun with the whole thing, don’t do anything or wear anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or not yourself. This is your day to shine. If you don’t like wearing a high heel and it isn’t for you, then don’t! Make the day perfect for you and throw on those trainers. What does a typical day look like for you? My typical day at the moment starts with a dog walk and a coffee. I live next to a canal, so I walk my dog there every morning. I then get back and make myself some breakfast and start my working day. After work I’ll try to walk him again before heading home to make dinner and relax. At this point in my life, it’s all about career and I’m happy with that. Your skin is flawless! Tell us about your daily skincare routine. Surprisingly I don’t do a lot! I have very sensitive skin, so I like to keep it minimal. My go-to everyday skincare routine consists of my Garnier Micellar Water on a cotton pad, which I use to clean my face and remove all make-up. I follow that with Simple’s Replenishing Rich Moisturiser and Eye Cream. It’s really just that simple… less is more! Are there any products you’d recommend to a nearlywed looking to get their skin in top condition for the big day? I’d highly recommend GlamGlow’s face masks. They’re incredible and will help to get your skin looking perfect for the big day. For those suffering with acne, my top tip is: stop touching your face! I’m a picker and once I stopped it went away, very quickly. What make-up products can’t you live without? Cream contours and eyebrow gel! What’s next for Sophie Stonehouse? At the moment I’m working towards growing my platform. We have some exciting things in the pipeline for this year so you’ll just have to wait and see! © James Rudland WELLBEING INTERVIEW 79