An Essex Wedding - March/April 2023 (Issue 109)

FURTHER INFORMATION Demelza Rayner Nutrition IG: @demelzaraynernutrition programmes a week before the big day and then listening to the last stage on the morning of the wedding – ideally soon after waking so that you can navigate the demands of the day feeling peaceful and in control. 4BOOST YOUR BREAKFAST As tempting as it may be to skip breakfast altogether – don’t – you’ll need plenty of energy for the day ahead! Forget cereals, toast and croissants – you need something sustaining that will keep you full until the wedding breakfast. This means something with protein. Eggs are a fantastic choice – think omelette or scrambled eggs and smoked salmon; however, I’m well aware that cooking may not be your first thought on your wedding day, and you might not have someone to hand who can whip you up a hot breakfast! My advice would be to create overnight oats or a simple bowl of yogurt the night before that’s ready to go when you need it. For overnight oats, mix together 50g rolled porridge oats with 150ml milk (plantbased or dairy), a teaspoon of chia seeds, a chopped ripe pear and half a teaspoon of cinnamon. Then leave in the fridge overnight. Alternatively, mix Greek yogurt, a handful of blueberries, a teaspoon of flaxseeds and some chopped mixed nuts. Again, leave in the fridge the night before so you can grab it in the morning. 5SNACK HAPPY Depending on what time you have your breakfast, it may be many hours before your next meal so it’s important to have some tasty, nourishing snacks on hand to maintain your energy levels. My suggestions would include apple slices and nut butter, hummus with carrot, pepper and cucumber sticks, mozzarella balls with tomatoes and olives, mixed nuts, dark chocolate and almonds, cheese and crackers. Stock up your fridge and your cupboards a couple of days before the wedding, so you have plenty of choices on hand while you get ready. 6TAKE TIME OUT If you start to feel anxious or unduly stressed at any point of your wedding day, simply spend a few moments controlling your breathing. Box breathing, for example, is simply breathing in for the count of four, holding for the count of four, breathing out for the count of four and holding for the count of four. This process can be repeated several times. Alternatively, try the 3-4-7 method: breathing in for the count of three, holding for the count of four and then breathing out for the count of seven. Both techniques aim to move the body out of the ‘fight or flight’ mode and into a more relaxed state. YouTube is fantastic for finding free video tutorials of these breathing techniques and it is definitely worth practicing in the week leading up to the wedding so you can call on these techniques effectively on your big day. 7EAT SLOWLY AND MINDFULLY It’s all too easy to wolf down your wedding breakfast at breakneck speed, but by taking time to really enjoy the scent, flavour and sensation of the dish, you’ll be sending messages to your body that you are safe, relaxed and calm. In addition, chewing your food slowly, carefully and methodically gives your stomach time to prepare for its arrival and means your body doesn’t have to work too hard to break it down into essential nutrients that can help to support your body and mind. Finally, speedy eating can cause reflux, heartburn and all kinds of uncomfortable digestive issues that you definitely don’t want on your big day! I hope you’ve found the tips above helpful. By prioritising sleep, eating the right foods at the right time and keeping some simple stressbusting techniques in reserve, you’ll be one step closer to having the wedding day of your dreams! If you’d like to find out more about reducing stress, managing sleep, maintaining a healthy weight and boosting your energy levels, simply visit my website and sign up for my free newsletter. WELLBEING 77