An Essex Wedding - March/April 2023 (Issue 109)

beautiful Chelsea and Mark tied the knot at The Warren Estate with elegant touches of blue throughout Images courtesy of Pure Image Photography From an early age, Chelsea and Mark had known each other; their mum’s worked together and were good friends. The mum’s changed jobs and time passed but fate brought the families back together. In 2015, Mark’s mum, Michelle, was getting married to Daniel (her now husband). Chelsea retells of the time they went wedding dress shopping, “We were chatting about how Mark had just moved back to hers following a breakup, both mums were suddenly getting excited of what colour hats they would wear ‘when’ me and Mark got married! All this, bearing in mind we hadn’t seen each other in a couple of years!” Soon enough Chelsea ‘matched’ with Mark on Tinder and messaged saying, ‘Fancy seeing you on here’. It’s safe to say the rest is history, love blossomed and on Chelsea’s birthday in 2017, the day they got the keys to their new house, Mark got down on one knee. Chelsea explains, “I was in floods of tears. I just wanted to get married there and then!” The excited pair had to wait a little while though as they welcomed their daughter Dolcie into the world and then again due to the Covid-19 restrictions. However, it’s safe to say the day was worth the wait. Chelsea Ella French and Mark French finally said their vows on 18th September 2022 at The Warren Estate. Here, Chelsea tells us more about their day... SIMPLY 43 REAL WEDDINGS