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2020 fashion inspiration

Posted by Danielle Harvey on 12 November 2020

man in a blue suit As we near the end of 2020 - and what a crazy year it's been - here at County Wedding Magazine HQ we thought we would take a look at the gorgeous trends for grooms which our County Wedding Magazines have covered this year!
What's more, let's look positively to 2021, which is predicted to be the year of love. Around 75,000 weddings were postponed this year to next year, on top of what was already booked for 2021 that's a whole lot of weddings, and a whole lot of grooms needing to find their big-day look and stand out from the crowd. Enjoy...

model in check suit sitting on a stool Check mate! January and February's line up:
Main image: matalan.co.uk | Scarf: mandco.com | Bowtie: atelier412newyork.etsy.com | Overcoat: joebrowns.co.uk | Suit jacket: tedbaker.com | Trouser: chesterbarrie.co.uk | Cufflinks: simoncarter.net | Umbrella: farrar-tanner.co.uk | Shoe: baselondon.com | Boot: riverisland.com

Page layout from County Wedding Magazines of grooms fashion pink suit with pink and colourful accessories Step in to Spring! March and April's line up:
Main image: burton.co.uk | Tie: foxandchave.com | Tie: davidwatson.co.uk | Waistcoat: tkmaxx.com | Cufflinks: gettingpersonal.co.uk | Shoe: dunelondon.com | Belt: villageleathers.com | Watch: newgateworld.com | Shirt: remusuomo.com | Suit jacket: joebrowns.co.uk

Model in grey suit on a stool with colourful accessories to match Summer lovin'! May and June's line up:
Main image: burton.co.uk | Tie: joebrowns.co.uk | Bowtie: oxfordshirt.co.uk | Shirt: joebrowns.co.uk | Cufflinks: annabeljames.co.uk | Shoe: fairfaxandfavor.com | Group shot: 8yards.co.uk | Pocket square: laslettengland.com | Watch: rotarywatches.com | Waistcoat: matalan.co.uk | Suit jacket: oliverbrown.org.uk

Model in a pink linen suit with matching pink accessories Lush in blush! July and August's line up:
Main image: whitestuff.com | Suit jackets: riverisland.com | Pocket square: davidwatson.co.uk | Shirt: mandco.com | Belt: riverisland.com | Trouser: burton.co.uk | Shoe: baselondon.com | Tie: remusuomo.com | Shirt: joebrowns.co.uk

Male model in a check suit sitting on a chair with berry-coloured accessories Berry nice! September and October's line up:
Main image: burton.co.uk | Scarf: chiccheriabrand.com | Suit jacket: joebrowns.co.uk | Pocket square: foxandchave.com | Cufflinks: burton.co.uk | Shirt: schoffelcountry.com | Tie: farlows.co.uk | Shoe leather: dunelondon.com | Shoe suede: fairfaxandfavor.com

Male model in a pale check suit with winter-themed accessories Baby it's cold outside! November and December's line up:
Main image: burton.co.uk | Umbrella: farrar-tanner.co.uk | Cufflinks: simoncarter.net | Tie: foxandchave.com | Pocket square: fenwick.co.uk | Brogues: joebrowns.co.uk | Socks: sophieallport.com | Belt: dunelondon.com | Scarf: laslettengland.com | Watch: tayroc.com

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