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Crowning glory

Crowning glory: Image 1 Your hair is your crowning glory and frames your face so when your mane suddenly turns dull-looking and brittle, your focus immediately turns to remedying the hair problem. Before taking action, it's important to understand what's stripping your hair strands of their natural oils to begin with.

Dr Khan, Kerluxe Hair Restoration Consultant and celebrity hair transplant surgeon, explains that hair follicles are connected to sebaceous glands, which release sebum onto the hair shaft. If there is a lack of sebum produced by the scalp, hair will tend to become dry and the shaft may break or split. A healthy scalp will produce the right levels of sebum to maintain hair and scalp moisture.

Damage to the hair cuticle can also cause dry hair. The cuticle is a protective layer that envelopes the hair shaft, shielding each strand from damage. When a cuticle's layers are damaged, its ability to hold moisture and oil is compromised.

Proteins greatly increase the hair's ability to retain moisture, add volume, reduce porosity, improve smoothness and repair the damage caused by heat styling and environmental pollutants.

If hair is prone to dryness, a moisturising and hydrating treatment range such as the Kerluxe Resplendisse range can be used. Resplendisse is infused with the unique KERLUXE S.O.S Complex, blending four nourishing oils to repair, with silk proteins which create a protective film to nourish and hydrate the hair from the inside.

Factors that contribute to dry hair
Excessive hair washing: washing hair every day or too frequently can strip the hair of sebum and dry out the cuticle leading to breakage. Washing once or twice a week is enough for most hair types.

Over use of heat styling tools: excessive heat directly on the hair fibre or scalp will dry out the hair leaving hair dry and dull looking. It's always advisable to apply a heat protection product such as the Kerluxe multi-tasking 360 styling cream which will protect the hair fibre from heat damage, leaving the hair smooth and frizz free.

Using the wrong haircare products: Always use haircare products that provide "hydration" and "moisturising" properties to dry hair.

Climate: Overexposure to the climate can also dry out hair. Rain, sun, heat, UV radiation, cold winds and low humidity will dry out hair leaving it brittle. Hair is at its most weak and vulnerable when wet.

Swimming: Chlorinated water strips the natural oils from the hair leaving it dry and prone to splitting. The best way to prevent damage is to rinse the hair with fresh clean water before swimming.

Check out kerluxe.com

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