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Nurture your skin

Posted by Kelly Andrews on 16 June 2021

Naomi Smart Naomi Smart, conscious living content creator and found of eco-friendly, all natural and vegan skincare brand Smart Skin has offered her top tips for nurturing your skin as we exit lockdown and head back out into the real world.

1.     Get outside as much as possible.

Enjoy the fresh air and lap up the sunshine that we've missed for so long. It's an instant mood booster being outside. Make a conscious effort to take in your surroundings - look up at the trees, smell the flowers, listen to the birds singing, and feel that glorious sunshine kiss your skin.

2.     Go offline.

Take time throughout your day to put your phone down. Our time spent in front of screens has massively increased due to lockdown, so make a conscious effort to wean off your phone. Simply putting your phone in another room while you cook dinner, or keeping your phone in your bag while you're at the gym are little ways to make sure you have breaks.

3.     Moisturise!

Our skin needs some extra hydration during the warmer months, so carrying your Smart Skin Super C Moisturiser in your handbag will encourage you to moisturise in the afternoon to ensure beautiful glowing skin. The ingredients also contain antioxidants that act as a natural barrier to pollution, so it's essential to use this in the morning too.

Smart skin tubes squeezed out 4.     Hydrate.

You've heard it a million times already, but drinking enough water is key to optimal health. Staying hydrated will ensure your skin is healthy, as well as keeping our whole body happy. It will also help prevent your body from tricking you into thinking you’re hungry and reaching for unhealthy snacks - sometimes it's just that we're dehydrated!

5.     Exercise outside.

Use the June weather as an opportunity to exercise outside once or twice a week. This could be a long walk, a run, or even yoga in the park if the weather permits! The fresh air will do you the world of good.

6.     Slow down.

Now that life is feeling a little more normal, it's wonderful that we can catch up with friends and pick up our social calendars. However, it's completely normal to find this all a little overwhelming having spent so long in our homes. Remember, it's ok to say no to social events! Slow down, have a night in, and allow yourself to ease slowly back into the real world. Maybe set yourself a pamper night once a week for some much needed TLC.

Check out www.mysmartskin.co.uk

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